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NYE Las Vegas
  hansen jr., Nov 28 2018

Wasu wasu LP, long time no see. Going to Vegas for the first time this new years with a couple of friends, any recommendations on what to do? Anyone there during new years?

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Staking opportunity
  hansen jr., Jul 02 2013

Hi guys,
Havent been very active recently other then posting a few hands now and then but been lurking some although this site seems to be dying slowly. Anyways semi quit poker a few years ago when i got in to university and have only been playing some lower stakes after that but i feel theres still some money to be made and i would like to have a piece of that cake!

Been playing more actively since 8 months back at our swedish site svenska spel where ive mostly played SEK 2/4 which is equal to nl60 usd i think where i have a winrate of a little above 20bb/100 over 130k+ hands. I had a goal to be playing SEK 5/10 (nl150) but still havent reached that due to withdrawing a piece of my roll for living expenses plus im a huge br nit. Because of that i still dont feel comfortable putting down my own money to play these stakes although im sure i would beat them, i dont feel like i have the financial situation to do that any more and are a bit more responsible with money then i were a few years ago so the stress of it would be too high.

So therefore i thought i would see if anyone would be up for staking me at these stakes, im sure we both would benefit from it since i surely beat these stakes anyway being a former midstakes reg + showing some good results one stake below. Shoot me a pm if you are interested in making some kind of deal and i will get back to you.

Posting pics of results tomorrow as im not on my computer right now. Also for references ive met a bunch of lpers which could vouch for me i hope!

Looking for a stake at nl150
Winning at 20bb/100+ at nl60
Looking for a fair % due to the low risk



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  hansen jr., Jul 02 2011

Took up poker seriously again about 2,5 months ago after a 2 year break and I've been doing fairly well on lowstakes, mostly playing at our swedish site Svenska spel at the nl75 limit. I need to keep pushing myself to get in more hands tho, been pretty successful with that lately I think since i played 35k last month which is more then I usually did back in the days when I were a midstakes reg. My goal is to be back at nl200 or nl400 before this summer is over and I think that is a very reachable goal as long as I can keep putting in at least 35-40k hands a month.

Graph since I started playing again:

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